In the time before Christmas, the Chair organised a Student's Night. The event, organised by employees for students, offered a unique opportunity to discuss the Chair's research topics.

We are continually faced with new challenges that we would like to address together with industry. This always requires new research projects - and people to work on them... We want you!

About him Building on his FAU Bachelor's degree in Information and Communication Technology, Laurenz completed the consecutive Master's degree at FAU with distinction in May 2023. Since July 2023, he has been working as a research assistant at the Chair of Electrical Smart City Systems, where he al...

As ESCS we are part of the project "Platform for Future Communication Technologies and 6G (6G Platform)". Our goal is to make scientific contributions to the content design of 6G and to provide scientific and organisational support to the processes for the successful implementation of the German-European 6G programme.

About her Nazanin graduated with a master’s degree in advanced signal processing and communication engineering in October 2022, building on her bachelor’s degree in communication engineering. From November 2023, she started working as a researcher at Fraunhofer-Institute for Integrated circuits (II...

Within this project, the Chair of Electric Smart City Systems focuses on investigations regarding fundamental interrelationships, dependencies, metrics, (transmission and evaluation) procedures and limitations.

In close collaboration with other Open6GHub partners, FAU is researching new methods in the areas of 6G radio communication, radio localization and network failure safety and is developing a scalable broadband test platform for radio and sensor technology.

Together with the Technical University of Berlin (Institute of Telecommunications Systems), members of FAU's ESCS department are investigating how radio (for example IEEE 802.11p) can be complemented with radar-based communication.

The fifth generation of mobile communications, 5G, was not introduced until 2020. The 6G-ANNA industry project, in which FAU is also involved, aims to drive the emergence of 6G out of Germany and Europe.