Julian Motzelt and Maximilian Lübke won Altair Student Contest

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Julian Motzelt, a FAU student at the chair Electrical Smart City Systems (ESCS) of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Norman Franchi won the best submission in the Altair Student Contest for the month of December in the EMEA region.
Together with his supervisor Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Lübke, they investigated the performance of various antenna positions in an automotive scenario.
By using Altair WinProp, they compared the antenna positions on the front bumper, on the left side mirror and on the roof of a car and were able to reach the first place in the competition.

At a frequency of 77 GHz they used a 4×4 patch antenna array. The evaluation was done by using the FMCW-Analysis function in ProMan. With the Range-Doppler maps they compared which targets would have been detected by the radar. When using a 4×4 patch antenna array as transmitting and receiving antenna, the roof provides the best performance.

The following application video offers a brief summary of the results presented: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLN9pGTzjas