6G-Conference: Session on resilience

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(c) Vincent Lassen

Last Tuesday, an impulsive session on resilience (“resilient infrastructure”) in 6G was held at the 6G conference in Berlin, led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Norman Franchi.
The aim of the session was to shed light on the topic from different perspectives through various speakers and to update each other in a discussion round.
A big thank you goes to all speakers, the numerous audience members and Philipp Schulz (Technische Universität Dresden, co-chair of the session).
“I have the feeling that the event was the beginning of a larger, cross-project and cross-stakeholder initiative! We as Chair ESCS at FAU will organize further sessions and events on this topic together with the partners of the 6G platform to increase the relevance of this topic, to sharpen the understanding of it and to identify possible solutions”, Norman Franchi summed up.

The 6G Conference in Berlin is the annual networking event of the German 6G funding program and is organized by the 6G Platform Germany. The event provides the opportunity to get an overview of German 6G projects and their initial results, learn about regulatory issues related to 6G, and participate in discussions about visions, key trends, technologies, and more. The diverse networking opportunities invite you to meet colleagues and expand your network in the field of 6G.